Dive Into The AtlasNEST Docking Station With Its Game-Changing Technology

Read more in THE ATLAS GUIDE TO THE PARIS AIR SHOW 2023, a cooperative of ATLAS and DroneExpos from Le Bourget.

There is a world of possibilities, with ATLAS’s new docking station. ATLAS is the first company that has shown docking stations with novel solutions.

AtlasNEST is one of the flagship products presented by ATLAS this year in Le Bourget. ATLAS is proud to stand behind its industry-leading technology and the benefits it can offer over its competitors.

Using AtlasNEST, the user will have the power to focus on long-duration missions, 24/7 operation of AtlasPRO and security measures for the required area in question.


The AtlasNEST is a proprietary hub specifically designed for the AtlasPRO UAS, enabling 24/7 drone readiness and fully automated operation with automated take-off, landing, battery replacement, and pre-planned missions.

If you have the AtlasNEST, you will have an edge in the air — and help protect your mission critical facilities.

Consummate and reliable product has no need to be cumbersome. AtlasNEST is easily transported and can be carried by as little as two people.


The functionality of AtlasNEST means that the system can be indispensable for protecting military and key facilities, and for carrying out strategic missions.

You can focus on other more pressing tasks and let AtlasNEST take care of your security.

How does one keep up with the times? In the case of UAV’s, ATLAS will show you how to do it by way of autonomous battery swapping via a robotic hand and automation.

An ATLAS engineer said about AtlasNEST:

“I have seen 2-3 devices of other companies that are similar to AtlasNEST. But these products don’t have a battery charging function. The drone lowered and touched down on some charging contacts, it was charging from them. You have to wait for the drone to charge and so you waste time. In the ATLAS case, it is so calculated that while the drone is flying, the remaining batteries are charging. Battery charging is one of the differentiating ATLAS features.”



AtlasNEST is a unique charging station for a drone that enables autonomous missions without human intervention.

What is the most expensive resource? Having such a station at the airport, on the ground at an infrastructure facility, etc, you save precious time and money.

The station works for you. AtlasPRO takes off from the platform, monitors the mission, and detects hazards. At the same time you or your team monitor remotely.

From Ivan Tolchinsky, CEO of ATLAS:

ATLAS has developed the AtlasNEST platform for fully automated drone flights that do not require human intervention. The system was designed for use across various industries. And this week visitors of the Paris Air Show are able to touch and experience this device.”

To provide a connection between AtlasPRO and your command and control center, you need AtlasRELAY. These two solutions working together allow you to experience the ATLAS eco-system.

AtlasRELAY has become a must-have for long-distance missions, because of its long-lasting battery, small size, light weight, and low cost. This reliable communication link allows users to extend the range between themselves and the AtlasPRO, unlocking more flexibility in the usage of UAVs. AtlasRELAY also allows for extending the range of the secondary radio unit, and transmits data to any remote device that is connected to the network.

Discover cutting-edge ATLAS technologies in Hall 4 – F4 at this year’s Paris Air Show.