Around Paris in 7 days: Jamming-Resistant ATLAS Tricopter Surprises Paris Air Show Attendees

DroneExpos continues its series from The Paris Air Show 2023. Below you’ll meet the AtlasPRO dual-use tricopter.

Stay alert as you cross the threshold of one of the Paris Air Show pavilions or you may be turned around by large and small aircraft, drones with various modifications, and innovative space solutions. Today, however, we armed ourselves with an ATLAS product guide and went straight to the ATLAS stand in HALL 4 – F4.


The AtlasPRO drone has become the most recognizable at the exhibition primarily due to its unique design–the drone market doesn’t see many tricopters. We were lucky to see an AtlasPRO live demonstration. Just three minutes after taking the drone out of its backpack, which is comfortable and easy to carry over the shoulder, the ATLAS demonstration instructor connected the drone to the payload,  as well as to an AtlasSTATION PRO – a version with joysticks. Also, the remote control is available in another modification – without joysticks.

ATLAS presents the AtlasPRO drone as a dual-use UAV. This bird isn’t made for amateurs but is designed for more serious tasks like controlling high-risk areas, monitoring, mapping, rescue missions, and military reconnaissance missions. By the way, you can observe these AtlasPRO missions on a screen at the ATLAS booth. 

Ivan Tolchinsky, ATLAS CEO, said:

Whether you’re a businessman, farmer, member of the military, lifeguard, engineer, or student, ATLAS is ready to offer you a unique solution for your activities, which will facilitate and simplify your work.”


“We can connect a variety of payloads to the drone. What task should the drone perform today?” – the ATLAS instructor asked, highlighting the fact that the AtlasPRO drone can be equipped with various payloads based on the needs of the user: thermal Visor FF, ultra-high definition KALOS 120, or long-distance observation ARGUS M20.

The Visor FF is designed with an F/1.0 lens and sensor of 60 MK for day-night missions. The rest of the cameras are for daytime use only. All video files from the AtlasPRO are classified and encrypted. Also, AtlasPRO is a one-of-a-kind drone that has passed NATO certification standards.

Arthur Dawe (SG), commanding officer of the Infantry Trials and Development Unit (ITDU), said:

“This is a real amplifier, adding capacity, force protection, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities. The intent going forward is to add a precision strike capability. This will not only assist in our targeting but in our strike capability, making us more lethal at range which will protect our very valuable forces and people.”


Before we had time to decide on a camera for the first drone, the ATLAS instructor was ready with a gimbal for the second one. ATLAS drones fly in MESH, which allows the operator to control up to five drones simultaneously from one remote control. This opens up the opportunity to explore an area from several points at the same time, for example, to control livestock grazing. At the same time, one drone can be used as a signal repeater if the mission moves behind a line of sight, such as in a mountainous region.

AtlasPRO can fly in difficult weather conditions, in temperatures from -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F), and in conditions of radio signal interference. One of the main features of the tricopter is the ability to resist jamming and spoofing via the SDR radio module.

At the ATLAS stand, AtlasPRO is also displayed in its other available modifications, which you can read about in our additional materials.

You can get to know the drone better during the week through June 24th and even take it with you – virtually, of course! ATLAS has moved all of its products to the AR. You just need to scan the QR code, and the product will appear on your phone.

Also, if you can’t come to Paris and take a photo with the drone, you can use the ATLAS filter mask for Instagram or Facebook to take a photo with the ATLAS drone and share it on social media with the hashtag #ATLASUASPARISAIRSHOW.