The Scoop on the Innovation and Usability of the New Products to be Debuting at The Paris Air Show 2023

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Currently, Le Bourget Airport continues to host the world exhibition of aerospace technologies, the Paris Air Show. We decided to look at it through the eyes of the European drone manufacturer ATLAS and introduce you to the world of ATLAS devices.

This year at the Paris Air Show, ATLAS will introduce the tech and aerospace industries to a few new products that deserve special attention in particular AtlasTETHER and AtlasPERKONS.

ATLAS joined technology with ELISTAIR to develop this new addition to the ATLAS catalog of high-performance products. AtlasTETHER enables users to operate non-stop missions with a stable signal and data stream.

David Moisan, Sales Director of ELISTAIR said:

“We are very excited to be working in collaboration with ATLAS to provide a persistent mission capability to AtlasPRO users. Operators will be able to fly continuously at up to 70m whilst the tether is automatically managed by the electronic winch of the Ligh-T 4 tethering kit. This will allow the pilots to have an uninterrupted view of their area of operations without needing to land and change a battery”.

AtlasTETHER is a system that guarantees extended power supply to the drone and allows for longer mission duration. A tether that connects the drone and ground controller provides the 220Vac power to 400Vdc required by the onboard power for the drone to realize ultra-long time hovering. Reliable UAV and data operating makes it impossible to lose the signal with the UAV and eliminates the battery replacement.

The second product that ATLAS is pleased to debut at this year’s Paris Air Show is AtlasPERKONS. 

PERKONS is a fully in-house development from ATLAS, born from the vision of creating an affordable, and effective platform with a payload.

The lightweight construction and portable design made of simple and accessible materials allow you to set up production or produce the required number of devices in the shortest amount of time possible.

The aircraft is launched from a banjo launch and is instantly part of your MESH network for easy command and control of up to 100 aircraft by one operator. The device is also able to fly long distances in extreme weather conditions and is designed with IP54.

Each of these new products creates a more effective, and more personalized solution for users and their unique missions, and ATLAS is proud to bring them to market. 

ATLAS manufacturing is a modern and high-tech production process with ISO-certified standards. And there is no better place to see that on display than at the Paris Air Show 2023, an annual trade exhibition where game-changing products and technologies in the aerospace industry have been introduced since 1909. 

Also, just for visitors of the Paris Air Show 2023, ATLAS is making available the AtlasSTATION ULTRA to see in an AR format at the ATLAS booth and in the ATLAS brochure.

There is also a surprise for avid Instagram and Facebook users. Complete your first mission with ATLAS – take a photo with the “ATLAS at the PAS” filter which has a flying drone with a sight. Publish a post on social media with the hashtag #ATLASUASPARISAIRSHOW and got out your gift at Hall 4 – F4. 

Come meet the ATLAS team and learn more about all ATLAS products and solutions at the Paris Air Show 2023 from the 19th to the 25th of June in Paris, Hall 4 – F4.

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