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Sky Revolutions is the UK’s largest construction drone company and one of the most authoritative voices in surveying and aerial surveying. The company offers exceptional quality aerial surveys, photography, filming, time-lapse and inspection services across the construction and mining, facilities management, renewables, and utilities & telecoms sectors.

A dedicated team of professionals with more than 80 years’ experience in construction surveying, they are valued for their specialist knowledge which allows them to offer effective advice and data interpretation as well as filming, mapping and design services.

This is a point of difference that Sky Revolutions’ customers value – the ability to understand the location and subject, and then to generate the right data that helps customers to make effective decisions, quickly. That’s not to say that the drones themselves are less important – indeed, the company uses some of the most sophisticated drones on the market – but the decision on which drone to use is always made following an evaluation of the objectives. It means that Sky Revolutions focusses first on the output needed and the results required, rather than showcasing the latest tool in the fleet.

This industry sector knowledge and expertise helps some of the largest construction, logistics, civils and property customers visually access complex and often hazardous environments, and make informed assessments quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

Sky Revolutions was one of the first construction progress photography specialists to offer live video feeds from any construction site to any broadband-connected location on Earth via a cutting-edge portable broadcasting unit. This service allows customers to direct the drone flight live and see up to the minute video of their sites from wherever they are – great for construction site monitoring. All Sky customers have access to a private client portal where they can access all the aerial content generated on site.

The company is increasingly being asked to apply their drone videography skills to one-off construction events. Aerial event footage captured by drone generates some of the most captivating content available, anywhere. But when customers don’t have the opportunity to rehearse, or the chance for second takes, getting it right first time is critical – and Sky Revolutions is trusted to get it right.

In the construction sector, one-off events might take the form of demolitions, quarry blasting, concrete pours, bridge segment laying, or crane lifts. And in the maritime sector, ship building, ship or cofferdam launches, and offshore wind turbine tower installations are just a few of the events that can’t be rehearsed and have the power to captivate.

The demand for this type of content is growing, as are the number of platforms where customers share their construction build stories. Sky Revolutions is able to generate raw content for customer editing or undertake all the post production work themselves to provide finished films.

The company also offers time-lapse filming for the construction sector – a service that is growing in demand. The resulting content, generated by state-of-the-art cameras positioned on free-standing masts, can complement drone footage very well – particularly on large builds. And because the masts are freestanding, there’s no need for adjacent buildings or structures to mount cameras to – perfect for rural sites.

Sky Revolutions has been helping the construction sector show more of their sites to more audiences for many years. Whether it’s a formal survey or an aerial film for marketing, the sector is more alert to the impact that can be generated by drones when in the hands of professionals.

All Sky Revolutions’ personnel are qualified and accredited, and all pilots are insured, CAA registered and carry CSCS cards. The company was the first UK drone operator to achieve carbon-neutral status in 2022.

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