“Flying With Cameras” Stands Out Among Drone Workshops

“Flying with Cameras” stands out among drone workshops in their proven ability to bring top-level classroom teaching from full time industry professionals coupled with hands-on practice for each participant. It is unusual to find large-scale workshops that include the hands-on aspect – yet it is the top priority for drone pilots to practice alongside experts in the field.

The weekend is packed full of useful application, tips and tools, and conceptual foundations, sure to bring your creative skills to the next level. Whether you fly drones as a hobbyist, wanting to market yourself as a drone professional, or as an experienced drone pilot with an insatiable drive to master your craft, these workshops are for you.

Christophe Tinard is an award-winning video professional with over 14 years of experience in the field. The complexity and array of his projects – from network news to documentaries, advertising and government videos – have given him an insightful voice in cinematography education. His body of work was recognized in 2017 with a nomination for a Rocky Mountain Emmy Award.™ Christophe is currently Managing Partner and Head of Production at Hire Story, a Scottsdale-based production company specializing in Recruitment and HR related production.  

Christophe brings his professional background in production, post production, shot composition, technical know-how, and experience into the field of aerial cinematography.  He has traveled to film clients all over the nation and earned a reputation for excellence in storytelling through film.

Chris also brings his unique brand of friendliness and expertise to impart information to others who share his passions: piloting drones, creating beautiful shots, framing techniques, technical know-how and troubleshooting, editing footage, and skilfully expressing a craft that is both an art form, and a way of making a living.

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