Official Release of AirHUD™ for Magic Leap

After much anticipation, we are thrilled to unveil the long-awaited support for Magic Leap 2! It brings us immense pride to announce the official release of AirHUD™ for Magic Leap.


AirHUD™ x Magic Leap: Embrace the future of drone piloting with Magic Leap 2 AR headset and AirHUD™. Discover all the awesome features you love in AirHUD™, now with the added bonus of superior image quality of Magic Leap! Visit our product pages for more details and be sure to read the documentation


New icons:  We’ve redesigned the user interface icons for clarity and better understandability of AirHUD™ features.  

Audible alerts:
We have added notification sounds in our app to provide you with audible alerts in AirHUD™. Now when hearing a sound, you will know there is a new message or warning in the Diagnostics panel. The volume can be adjusted with the headset volume buttons.   


Mini panel UX/UI improvement Because our users are key, and understanding your needs is essential, we iterated on our design based on real feedback. Taken that into account, we’re proud to present you with the latest improvements on the mini panel.  

Enjoy your flights with confidence, with AirHUD™!    
Team Anarky Labs