ATLAS Defense Solutions at NEDS 2023

As the exhibition floor opened on November 30, attendees were greeted at ATLAS’s booth, which showcased the AtlasNEST, AtlasTETHER system, AtlasPRO, AtlasPERKONS, and the much-anticipated debut of two products: AtlasMICRO and AtlasULTRA.

All these products are part of the ATLAS ecosystem, and users can control them seamlessly with one remote control.

AtlasMICRO: Micro in Size, Macro in Impact

The AtlasMICRO drone, a testament to ATLAS’s commitment to miniaturization without compromising performance, took center stage.

Ivan Tolchinsky, ATLAS CEO, stated:

“The AtlasMICRO promises to redefine reconnaissance capabilities, offering unparalleled versatility in various operational scenarios: military, rescue, and construction progress missions. Advanced imaging capabilities with 4K video resolution, and 8K photo resolution capture every detail. Onboard AI evaluates intricate environments to generate real-time 3D flight paths, enabling unmatched obstacle avoidance.”

AtlasULTRA: Limitless Mission Space

AtlasULTRA showcases a fusion of power and precision. Engineered for seamless integration into defense operations, rescue, and industrial missions, the AtlasULTRA promises to be a game-changer. It features industry-leading display technology, jamming-resistant radio, patent-pending 4D joystick technology, and incredible battery time in all-weather conditions.

The NEDS Defense Fair, themed “Sustainable Security” this year, focused on addressing challenges and opportunities for defense and security in the Netherlands and Europe. The discussions spanned individual and collective perspectives, aligning with the broader context of NATO objectives.

A Vision for Tomorrow: ATLAS’s Ongoing Commitment

ATLAS’s presence at NEDS 2023 showcased innovations and underscored its commitment to advancing sustainable security solutions. ATLAS continues to drive advancements that shape the future of defense and security solutions.

Organized by NIDV (The Netherlands Industries for Defence & Security), the exhibition provided an influential platform for ATLAS to showcase its innovative spirit to delegations from national and international defense ministries, armed forces, and global defense corporations seeking collaborative opportunities.