Drones being used in Security Applications

Security drone deployment is one of the commonest uses for drones today.  According to a recent report, the entire drone industry would be worth more than $127.3 billion by 2020, which is a staggering jump of 6000% as compared to the last three years. The contribution of drones in security is more than a $10 billion share of this industry. This shows the huge market for drones in security around the world.

Security Implications are immense. According to a survey, 16% of the security heads and security professionals say that they have already deployed the technology for this purpose and it is worth using. Three in five security professionals have used drones or foresee themselves making use of these drones in security in the future. This shows the growth trajectory is hyperbolic and there is a large future market. Useful features include:

  • Instant deployment and operation
  • Cost effective over alternate options available like a helicopter
  • Operational for long periods of time
  • Not affected by poor weather conditions

Security Drone usage examples:

  • Emergency communication allowing feedback to control important information by the drone during an emergency or threat situation.
  • Minimizing risk to human life during violent situations
  • Border investigation
  • Traffic surveillance (The global surveillance market is something worth more than $30 billion)
  • Operations like anti-piracy, monitoring important summits, and meetings, or even coastal surveillance.

In addition to the great services these drones have been providing, there is a growing concern about the growth of AI in parallel to drone development. Critics believe that drones are taking people’s jobs as AI in certain situations can react more efficiently than a human does. Despite such theories, the use and benefits of AI drones and AI drones are laden with the capabilities to make things easier which cannot be denied. This is an area still new and nascent in the market and I think if regulated in the right way, could be extremely beneficial to our welfare and safety.

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