Drones featuring AI Technology

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is something you will hear frequently when it comes to discussions about drones or if you visit drone manufacturing companies. The latest sophisticated drones are fortified with this state of art AI technology. AI forearms these machines a with of Human-like ability to understand and adapt in different scenarios. There are some great companies out there who have been pioneers in the AI drone technology with the aim of overall more convenience. AI drones have been used in more than 400,000 sites of production around the world. This illustrates how profitable they could be in improving productivity, efficiency and cutting down operational costs.

Even the famous “Opportunity Rover” manufactured by NASA, which covered a distance of more than 54.6 million kilometers from Earth to Mars is considered an AI drone. That made it possible for humans to see and understand the mysterious Mars and the information that Rover sent has been of great importance on the basis of which we are expecting a Mars mission in 2024. All this would not have been possible with AI drones.

AI drones not only capture your pictures or videos but they are able to perceive their surroundings and understand what is going on in real time, thus can map the area under question and provide analytical feedback by tracking objects. An AI drone can map around 2.7 million square miles with precision which is an area roughly equal to the area of 48 states of the USA. In addition, these AI drones have been widely used in military operations and in war zones which has reduced the threat to human life. Firefighters battling with wildfire make huge use of drones to tackle the chaos and use the drones in recovery and containment efforts.

Neurala is a kind of deep learning network of artificial neurons that can help drones identify a particular person in the midst of a huge crowd. AI drones need just 20 minutes to understand the picture or image of an individual. It can even check the flaws in the large industrial equipment like network towers and can get back to you with a real-time report. There are more uses of AI drones in almost every walk of life including rocket launches and autonomous self-driven cars. These implications have made life so much easier and have cut down costs for many businesses.

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