Alva Industries unveils game-changing 2nd generation of the ALTUS X60 UAV Propulsion System

Alva Industries, the Norwegian powerhouse in electric motor technology, is proud to introduce the game-changing 2nd generation of their ALTUS X60 Propulsion System. Building upon the success of the ALTUS X60 product line, this state-of-the-art propulsion system introduces four new cutting-edge features and enhanced reliability.

Improved Safety & Reliability: At the core of this innovation lies improved safety and reliability. The system has undergone multiple design iteration in a combination of abusive testing. The 2nd generation of ALTUS X60 has surpassed 1000 hours of abusive testing without any degradation, proving unparalleled reliability.

The system now features enhanced water sealing, making it weatherproof and eliminating the risk of water ingress into the drone arm. “This is a game-changing advancement for operators who require weatherproof UAV systems” states Alva Industries’ CPO, Anton Franzén.

A fundamentally different attachment concept has been implemented on the propulsion system to ensure a safe and reliable installation on the UAV arm, even in the most extreme circumstances. Formerly secured by two bolts on each side, the system is now secured with a central titanium bolt running through the arm with positive locking.

Versatility & Functionality: The propulsion system is now compatible with the majority of UAV frames since it is available with three different mechanical interfaces, including round 30 mm, round 40 mm, and octagonal 25×38 mm options, catering to a wide range of UAV applications. In addition, the ALTUS X60 is now compatible with navigation lights and various accessories, ensuring unparalleled flexibility for UAV operators.

Quality & Traceability: The ALTUS X60’s propulsion system is meticulously designed to ensure consistent excellence in every component. What distinguishes Alva is their rigorous control over the manufacturing process, conducted at their production facility located in Trondheim, Norway. Each critical component is assigned a unique part number and serial number, facilitating comprehensive traceability, and guaranteeing top-notch quality and reliability in every component. Additionally, critical components have undergone Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and rigorous testing in their specialized test-lab.

Alva’s 2nd generation ALTUS X60 is engineered for plug-and-play compatibility with multiple communication protocols. This design is set to raise the bar in the UAV industry by delivering outstanding performance, reliability, and flexibility. With a relentless commitment to sustainability and innovation, Alva is revolutionizing UAV propulsion systems. For more details, visit or reach out to our PR team at