Embention Releases T28 Dual Tracking Antenna

The T28 is a tracking antenna that enables establishing a long-range communication link between an airborne aircraft and its ground control station.

The new version of the T28 tracking antenna allows for the installation of two directional antennas, making it compatible with MIMO systems and similar technologies. This system enables more stable communications and achieves long-range communication in operations involving drones and autonomous vehicles.

The use of the T28 tracking antenna is highly advisable in cases where maintaining communication is a critical aspect of the system, especially in situations where the aircraft significantly distances itself from the ground station.

This variant of the Veronte Tracking System T28 includes an omnidirectional antenna, which ensures proper data link operation when the aircraft is in close proximity to the control station. Due to its nature, the
omnidirectional patch can transmit information in all directions without the need to point it towards the aircraft.

When the aircraft moves away from the ground station, the two directional patches will take over to maintain stable communication and ensure a strong data link for long-distance communication. These antennas can be either parabolic, yagi, or panel patches. Thanks to the PCS system integrated with the T28 tracking antenna, the system is capable of performing fully autonomous pointing with a 360° rotation capability.

The T28 tracking antenna is compatible with a wide range of commercial communication links and can be configured based on the required frequency range and distances. Embention collaborates with leading
brands such as DTC, Silvus, or Microhard, and can also install other systems upon request.

The T28 system, developed entirely by Embention, is a robust and reliable solution for ensuring long-range communications in drone operations, both in civil and military applications, even in the most demanding environmental conditions.

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