Unique ATLAS SDR module has a reliable anti-interference mode

ATLAS has launched an advanced software-defined radio for autonomous robotics. This module is optimized for UAVs and has a reliable anti-interference mode. Analog radio signals are converted into digital data as quickly as possible. Such a radio module, in particular, can be used by the military.

The radio module meets the high military and industrial standards of the European Union. It has many functions, among which are classic ones – anti-jamming, frequency hopping and bandwidth are among them. At the same time, it costs ten times cheaper than analogs.

Ivan Tolchinsky, the ATLAS CEO, and aerospace engineer said: “This SDR, as well as other ATLAS equipment and technology, is developed from scratch at our European manufacturing facilities, which allows us to produce high-end goods at a very affordable price for our customers. The key feature of our SDR is an anti-jamming mode, meaning that the radio has frequent hopping and is able to work on frequencies from 2.2 to 2.7 GHz. The radio scans frequencies and if it detects frequency blocking, it starts hopping between the frequencies, which is a crucial feature for military needs. The radio is available on civilian frequency as well and it can be used for commercial purposes. Now when we have tested our own SDR module extensively and successfully with our UAV systems, we are ready to sell it as a stand-alone product.”

The ATLAS SDR is mini-sized 31x37x4mm and light – it weighs only 7g. This makes it compatible even with small unmanned platforms. In addition, the ATLAS SDR module is designed for energy efficiency – it consumes only 3 watts. This significantly extends the flight time and reduces heat dissipation.

ATLAS has equipped the SDR with the latest version of AtlasMESH, which is already used by all ATLAS unmanned systems. This makes it the only one drone system on the market able to operate in mesh out of the box.

Now the company is working on the next version of the module with the ability to define the wave factor with a wide range of frequencies. Ivan Tolchinsky, the ATLAS CEO, promises the possibility of cooperation with other radios from leading manufacturers.

ATLAS provides full integration support and documentation for the SDR module, which is compatible with all classes of drones.

ATLAS was founded in the EU by aerospace and robotics professionals in 2015. It is one of the EU market leaders in the UAV industry. The company has become one of the industry leaders due to its proprietary and cost-effective technology, as well as its reliable and easy-to-use products. The manufacturer has built its expertise in the UAV industry, extensively cooperating with the military sector, including NATO forces, supplying advanced drone technologies such as AtlasPRO and AtlasNEST. The development of the SDR module was based on customer feedback and close cooperation with the military sector, making the product innovative and reliable.

More information:
Ivan Tolchinsky, ATLAS CEO, pr@atlasdynamics.eu

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