The Future of Window Cleaning has Arrived!!

CHARLOTTE, NC– August 30, 2022 – This week, Lucid Drone Technologies has announced the unveiling of a new groundbreaking, patent pending Lucid C1 Window Washing drone. This drone is ideal for window washing companies, or those wanting to start offering window washing services. This new system will allow the user an on-demand, touchless option to clean all types of windows without ever having to leave the ground.

Drones are quickly becoming a popular tool, taking various industries such as security, agriculture, and more to new heights. Now they’re making their way into the external cleaning market; it’s no surprise that these devices have taken off like wildfire. With the development of the new window washing drone, Lucid Drone Technologies can continue to transform the cleaning space, creating a safer, faster, smarter way to wash exterior surfaces.

Pictured: C1 Window Washing drone has an onboard chemical tank with variable mix ratio to best clean windows.

How it works

Drones don’t have to be complicated. The operator connects the drone to a soft wash rig with a hose. The touchless window washing solution, Lucid Clear, is stored on the drone using an on-board chemical tank with a variable mix ratio. This means that you won’t have to purge the water from the hose that connects the drone to the rig on the ground. Then, the operator will be able to control the drone from an easy-to-use controller while safely on the ground. The drone provides a stable, easy to fly platform that allows the operator to focus on the cleaning and not maneuvering the drone.

The whole process takes just a few minutes, and it’s much safer and more efficient than traditional window cleaning methods. Thanks to this new technology, cleaning crews can now clean windows quickly and easily, without putting themselves at risk of injury.

The window washing drone will allow more people to take advantage of this revolutionary technology, and will open up or expand business opportunities for our customers.

The Lucid Clear window washing solution is the recommended chemical for best results with the Lucid C1 Window Washing drone. Lucid Clear is a premium touchless glass cleaner, designed to remove soil from windows without wiping, brushing, or high pressure washing. This product is a complex and proprietary blend of premium surfactants and solvents that penetrates tough soils quickly, rinses away freely, and dries with minimal spotting. This highly dilutable product is perfect for high rise window cleaning with the use of drones.

About Lucid Drone Technologies

Lucid Drone Technologies is a Charlotte, NC-based robotics company that currently designs and manufactures industrial spraying drones for labor-intensive jobs. Lucid Drone Technologies was started in 2018, and set out to provide a Safer, Faster, and Smarter alternative to traditional dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs while reducing costs, limiting liability, and increasing revenue.

Example of window cleaning drone:

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