Embention UAM Leaders during 16 years

Since its foundation in 2007, Embention has embarked on an exciting journey in the unmanned aviation (UAV) and electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle industry. What began as a bold dream has evolved into an impressive reality, with over 85 employees and significant expansion of its facilities.

Embention’s journey began with the development of autonomous aerial systems for forest fire extinguishment, gaining recognition and awards for its innovation in this field. However, Embention’s vision expanded, and the company shifted its focus to the rapidly growing UAV and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) industry.

In recent years, Embention has experienced exponential growth, rapidly climbing the ranks among top high-tech companies in the UAV and UAM sector. The company has achieved milestones that initially seemed unreachable, establishing itself as a leader in the development of autopilots and critical components for drones and eVTOLs.

The success of Embention is built on strong core values. The company maintains strict validation and verification processes, ensuring the high quality of its products. Innovation, research, and development are essential to keeping Embention’s products at the forefront of technology. Additionally, the company takes pride in complying with the most rigorous aeronautical standards, such as DO178C/ED-12, DO254, and DO160, ensuring safety and reliability in its solutions.

Their R&D team consists of a highly specialized team of 50 engineers in firmware, software, avionics, and verification/certification. Embention has become a reference in the UAM industry. Independent development, production, and testing teams work in harmony to ensure the highest quality and reliability of products.

Embention’s facilities encompass areas for manufacturing electronic and mechanical components, aircraft integration workshops, and testing fields. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, they include resources like climate chambers for temperature and humidity testing, vibration and shock tables, EMI/EMC testing equipment, as well as assembly stations, demonstrating the company’s commitment to technological excellence.

Embention has shown that a passion for innovation and technological excellence can take a company from humble beginnings to becoming a recognized leader in the drone industry. The company has not only grown in size and scope but has left a lasting mark in both the unmanned aviation and emerging urban mobility industry. At Embention, the future is an exciting promise as they continue to work towards enabling drones to populate our skies.