Cleaning Exteriors Faster, Smarter and Safer with Spray Drones

Lucid Drone Technologies industrial spray drones are making the challenges of exterior cleaning a thing of the past, preventing worker injury and property damage.

July 29, 2022 CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA– Lucid Drone Technologies, North America’s leader in purpose-built spray drones, is transforming the industry with easy-to-use C1 Cleaning Drones which are engineered to soft wash exterior surfaces in a safer, faster, and smarter way.

Exterior surfaces such as roofs, stadiums, schools, office buildings, and apartment buildings are challenging, time-consuming, and dangerous to clean and maintain. Each year in the U.S., more than 500,000 people are treated, and about 300 lose their lives from ladder-related injuries.

Their vision is “a world where responsible robotics enables people to live better lives.”

Technology has improved our lives in so many ways, and over the past few years, Lucid Drone Tech has developed a successful response to the COVID-19 pandemic with the D1 Disinfecting Drone and created the only purpose-built cleaning drone in North America. Lucid Drone Tech has participated in the world-renowned Y Combinator startup accelerator program, and their founders were awarded Forbes’ 30 Under 30 for technology in 2021.

Five capabilities that make drones the smart move:

  1. Wi-Fi + LTE Onboard: Lucid Drone Technologies customer service team can access, upgrade, diagnose, and make changes to your drone for optimal efficiency.
  2. Urban Flight Capabilities: Allow operators to fly safely in urban environments where GPS signal is weak.
  3. Intelligent Batteries: Batteries have a convenient button with an LED indicator that shows you the state of charge.
  4. Self-repair Option: The Lucid Drone Technologies customer service team will help diagnose any issues and get it repaired quickly so there are no worries about repairing or servicing components on-site.
  5. T-Mobile IoT Connectivity:  The T-Mobile Control Center will give you a unique perspective of what your drone is up to through shared flight data, battery life analysis and more. This ensures that you’ll know when it’s time for new software or hardware diagnostics so your aircraft can stay fresh and current.

For business owners:

You can streamline your business cleaning task to get things done safer and more efficiently, the smart way. Since 2018, Lucid Drone Technologies has helped businesses by:

  • Increasing efficiency by 80%
  • Lowering overall costs by 77%
  • Reducing job site injuries by 95%

“We win when our customers win,” said Andrew Ashur, Founder and CEO. “It’s our goal to help you finish more jobs in less time and with less liability.”

To fly one of the C1 Cleaning Drones, you need to obtain your FAA Part 107 license. Lucid provides the training materials operators need to get the proper certification to operate the drone.

You can learn more about Lucid Drone Technologies by visiting their website.

Lucid Cleaning Drones

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