AtlasAVALANCHE PRO Has Defined the Future of Search and Rescue Missions

ATLAS and DroneExpos are again teaming up to bring you the top news from Le Bourget. In this edition, you will be introduced to the AtlasAVALANCHE PRO tricopter – showcased here at the largest air exhibition, the Paris Air Show.

When it comes to exploring whether drones can monitor and determine the location of missing people, ATLAS chose to focus in on this specific use case of its technology and bring a high quality solution to market. Because of this focus, the company designed AtlasAVALANCHE PRO, the first mountain rescue drone system to use a radio receiver.

This receiver is a radio sensor that is attached onto a special suspension, allowing it to search for people under up to 25m (82.02 ft) of snow, when every second can mean the difference between life and death.


Norway and Austria are two countries where the AtlasAVALANCHE PRO is already being utilized as part of search and rescue operations – playing a pivotal role in saving lives in each of them.

Artus Security Systems, the official distributor of ATLAS technology in Austria, remarked on the AtlasAVALANCHE PRO:

“It is a unique solution that a tricopter is enabled to carry an avalanche sensor. Well trained staff can deploy drones even in harsh conditions within minutes and support avalanche rescue efforts.”


AtlasAVALANCHE PRO is the first smart search and rescue system, which is enabled to perform at its best even in the most challenging environments and conditions.

During the high ski season, the number of tourists increases tenfold. The load on search and rescue teams, which monitor the safety of the mountainsides, also increases at the same time. AtlasAVALANCHE PRO is the first system of its kind used by rescuers to find people missing under the snow in the aftermath of avalanches.


During its development, AVALANCHE PRO went through dozens of tests, such as the simulation of condensation on propellers. To successfully accomplish the task of finding people trapped under the snow after avalanches in various different weather conditions, ATLAS has developed special overlays for AtlasPRO.

AVALANCHE PRO is stabilized against wind gusts, rain, and snow. It is important to note that if necessary, the radio sensor can be replaced with any other type of gimbal such as a thermal camera, or a high-resolution camera – and that as a result, the drone can be used during other search and rescue missions, such as those in the low season.