Alva Industries AS Appoints Dr. Nicolas Giraudo as Chief Commercial Officer to Drive Market Expansion Beyond UAVs

Alva Industries AS has appointed Dr. Nicolas Giraudo as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) as part of a commercial pivot strategy to expand the commercial focus and product portfolio beyond the UAV market. Nicolas started in his role on the 4th of March, 2024.

Nicolas is an energetic and experienced executive with extensive knowledge in Motion Control. Nicolas has over 10 years of comprehensive research, application, sales and business development experience in motion control, robotics and industrial automation. He has a strong track record of bringing technology to new markets and developing new customers. Nicolas holds an MBA in Sales Engineering and a PhD in Physical Chemistry.

“Alva has reached a high technical maturity and we are now excited to enter the next phase of commercial growth. We are excited to have Nicolas onboard to lead the commercial efforts.” said Jørgen Selnes, Founder and CEO of Alva Industries. “Nicolas has the perfect mindset and experience to bring our electric motor technology to a wider market and serve our customers in a world-class manner” added Jørgen.

“I’m impressed with the technical advancement Alva has achieved. They have developed the

next-generation of electric motors for precision applications. The FiberPrinting™ technology will enable customers and partners alike to greatly improve their motion tasks with almost no trade-offs”. Said Dr. Giraudo.

Nicolas’ will leverage his expertise to expand Alva’s presence in precision markets and develop a partnership network across industries to maximize the impact of the FiberPrinting™ technology. “I personally invite and look forward to hosting all OEM manufacturers, Motor & other components manufacturers, Distributors, Agents and other sales channels, as well as Subassembly Manufacturers & Designers to have a conversation with me to discover our technology and find ways to cooperate in future projects together”, added Nicolas.

The open approach from Nicolas’ management style will help Alva become a well-known company active in many markets and verticals, focusing especially on the ones where the light, precise and efficient electric motors, enabled by FiberPrinting™, add the most value for stakeholders.

About FiberPrinting™

FiberPrinting™ is a revolutionary manufacturing technology for slotless motors that enables production at scale of high power-density slotless motors for the first time. The technology is based on an ingenious combination of industrial weaving and stator winding techniques. The result is a motor with the

power-density of an iron-cored motor with the advantages of a slotless motor, i.e., exceptional step-response and peak torque, low speed-dependant losses, no-cogging and large ID/OD ratio.