EuroUSC Italia launches SAMWISE Pro, the first web-based tool to conduct risk analysis of drone operations following the SORA methodology: an easy, fast and cost-efficient online solution to comply with the new EASA regulation for Specific category drone operations which entered into force on the 1st January 2021. Opening with a one-month free trial.

SAMWISE Pro is the first web-based tool to conduct risk analysis implementing SORA methodology and offering an easy, fast, cost efficient and tailored solution. Thanks to a guided online procedure, SAMWISE Pro guides the operator through all assessment steps and provides a complete assessment report, including the demonstration of compliance to the mitigations implemented. No specific skills are required: entering the data of the drone operation and uploading means of compliance to the safety objectives is enough to go through the procedure autonomously and smoothly.

«SAMWISE Pro reduces significantly time and costs needed for a traditional drone risk safety analysis» explains Marco Ducci, CEO of EuroUSC Italia. «So far, operators had two possibilities: performing the analysis on their own, dealing with paperwork and standards, or subcontracting the analysis to a consultant with a cost of about 3000 euros. With SAMWISE Pro they obtain an unlimited number of risk analysis with a maximum of 960 euros per year in a few days, thus saving cost and time.»

Drone operations management becomes agile also for large operators: SAMWISE Pro delivers the final report for Civil Aviation Authority in just one click, thus avoiding extra time spent on paperwork. SAMWISE Pro speeds up the risk assessment thanks to a swift guided process: it quickly evaluates the feasibility of the operation, identifies the related technical and operational requirements and provides the final report ready to submit to the competent aviation authority after processing the relevant compliance documents.

SAMWISE Pro is available for a one-month free trial via registration at

SAMWISE Pro video teaser is available on EuroUSC Italia Youtube channel.

EuroUSC Italia, after actively participating in the SORA methodology development within the JARUS workgroup, is engaged since 2015 in European research and development projects and BVLOS experimentation activities under the supervision of the Italian Aviation Authority ENAC (Ente Nazionale per l’Aviazione Civile). Thanks to its know-how, EuroUSC Italia provides several training for the drone industry, including a two-days course on SORA methodology.

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