Sony announces new update to Camera Remote SDK with enhanced functions for drone applications

Weybridge, 5 September 2023: Sony today launched an updated version of its Camera Remote Software Development kit (SDK), adding compatibility with the newly announced ILX-LR1 camera and key functionality to support third parties in the development of bespoke applications using the industry-leading performance of Sony cameras.

Version 1.10 of the Camera Remote SDK, which is available to download for free from 13th September, and Version 1.11 in November, offer new features that are particularly important for drone, e-Commerce, video shooting applications. With the latest update, it expands compatible models to α7C II and α7CR with Version 1.10, and ILX-LR1 with Version 1.11.

Version 1.10 (and later) supports the following new features:

  1. Added support for “Focus Position Setting” *[1] which enables remote acquisition of the current focus position and focus sending to an arbitrary position.
  2. In response to requests from existing customers (inspections and surveys companies) to remotely acquire focal length information, the latest version supports “get focal length” *[2]
  3. Expanded menu settings for stills and videos, including interval shooting functions and AF tracking sensitivity settings, and menu settings for pre- and post- settings. A wider variety of settings can be changed.
  4. Event notification such as video recording start/stop and ‘Focus Position Setting’ completion to enable high-speed, remote command processing. In addition, status notification, such as during media writing, is improved so that the third-party system can optimize workflows depending on the camera status.

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