MatrixSpace Announces FCC Authorization of MatrixSpace Radar  

Advanced Air and Ground-based Surveillance Services  Now Available Globally 

MatrixSpace announces the authorization of MatrixSpace Radar by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). MatrixSpace Radar has been thoroughly tested to perform within the FCC’s emissions and frequencies specifications and can now be sold to commercial and public organizations in the United States. 

MatrixSpace offers radio navigation services both in the air and on the ground. With its very low SWaP-C (size, weight, power and cost), MatrixSpace Radar provides robust situational awareness of both airborne and ground-based objects, regardless of lighting and weather conditions. This in turn facilitates the long awaited Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) flight for uncrewed and autonomous aircraft, as well as enhancing safety for general aviation.  

Quote from Dan Nobbe, Vice President of RF and Radar Systems, MatrixSpace 

“With the dramatic rise in autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles in the air and on the ground, the application for our advanced radar solution is significant across a wide range of commercial, defense and public safety situations. FCC authorization is an important milestone and now allows us to fully engage with the market and those seeking advanced capabilities to digitize the outdoors. This is a rigorous process and we are delighted to now be authorized.” 

Quote from Jack We, co-founder and CEO, Nightingale Security 

“MatrixSpace Radar aligns perfectly with Nightingale Security’s focus on DFR, physical security, and rapid all-weather response. The DAA sensor enhances night and adverse weather safety, crucial for our on-call emergency readiness.” 

Quote from Greg Waters, founder and CEO, MatrixSpace 

“The authorization by the FCC to commence shipments of our novel radar sensors is a great accomplishment by the MatrixSpace team and welcome news for our many customers that have been waiting for this. It gives me great pride that the team has gone from a standing start only two years ago to release of this unique product in such a short period of time. We’re pleased and proud to enter into production with more to come in 2024.” 

MatrixSpace’s mission is to offer real-time AI and edge processing-based sensing with the ability to detect and track multiple types of objects in any environment. Combining industry-leading sensing, AI edge processing and RF communication in real-time is a major technology breakthrough that will reinvent business models across multiple vertical market applications, in particular the defense and public safety industry. MatrixSpace Radar is the foundational product of this open architecture sensing platform. 

MatrixSpace Radar has the lowest cost, size, weight and power (SWAP) of any comparable radar on the market today. Key features are: 

  • Portable – Small form factor (5.6” x 3.4” x 1.5”) allows you to place units in any location and simply carry to new locations as needed. Easily attach to autonomous vehicles, or fixed locations like water towers, buildings, dams, poles for a full 360-degree view of any area.  
  • Detect and monitor relevant movement in any environment – humans, airborne objects, ground vehicles – even in visually challenging conditions, including rain, fog and smoke. 
  • Fast to deploy – Install and configure the device in minutes. No specialized training required.  
  • Ultra-low power supply – The radar’s low energy consumption means it can be powered by solar or battery for remote, long-term usage. No standard electricity connection is needed.  
  • Open and extensible – MatrixSpace Radar is based on an open architecture which easily integrates with industry-wise UTM, Command and Control, counter UAS and traffic and video surveillance systems for a comprehensive, unified view. 
  • 4D imaging radar – MatrixSpace Radar is the most advanced radar technology designed to both detect objects and visualize them while capturing key aspects of telemetry, such as range, location, heading and altitude, etc.