Lucid Drone Technologies Partners with Sunbelt Rentals to Provide Drones for Exterior Cleaning

Lucid C1 spraying drones are now available to rent nationwide.

CHARLOTTE, NC- October 20, 2022- Lucid Drone Technologies, North America’s leader in purpose-built spray drones, is happy to announce a new partnership with Sunbelt Rentals, North America’s premier equipment rental company, to provide the Lucid C1 spraying drone as a rental option for customers. The Lucid C1 spraying drone allows for operators to wash building exteriors and windows in a safer, faster, smarter alternative to traditional exterior cleaning methods.

This new partnership allows for residential cleaning companies, business service contractors, facility managers, construction companies and commercial cleaning companies to rent out Lucid’s industrial spray drones in order to complete jobs 3-5x faster without the use of scaffolding, lifts, or repel systems. This keeps workers safely on the ground and opens the door for more job opportunities.

“Sunbelt Rentals is excited to add innovative solutions like the Lucid C1 drone to our rental portfolio,” said Adam Camhi, VP of Flooring Solutions, Sunbelt Rentals. “This advanced technology is an exceptionally efficient means for our customers to take on tough exterior cleaning jobs — and more importantly, it’s safer than other methods.”

Andrew Ashur, CEO/founder of Lucid Drone Technologies adds, “The spraying drones can help facility managers and owners make the most out of their maintenance staff, helping them save time and money. The idea isn’t to automate away great employees; it’s to allow great employees to solve more meaningful problems.”

The drones operate by way of GPS and feature urban flight capabilities, allowing operators to use them safely in urban environments where the signal may be weak. They also feature intelligent batteries that have an LED indicator that provides the current charge state, along with an avoid distance quick-select switch. This switch allows operators to choose options to keep the drone at a set distance from the building for safe use.

The Lucid C1 spraying drones require a PART 107 license from the FAA, along with aviation insurance, both of which Sunbelt Rentals can help coordinate. The drones use low pressure — less than 300 pounds per square inch (PSI) — and operate by tethering to an on-ground, soft wash pump system on a trailer or in a truck bed. Rental customers can choose their cleaning solution or refer to an approved solution program provided by Sunbelt Rentals and Lucid Drone Technologies.

The Lucid C1 spraying drones are now available for rent nationwide through Sunbelt Rentals.


About Lucid Drone Technologies

Lucid Drone Technologies is a Charlotte, NC-based robotics company and North America’s leader in industrial spray drones for labor-intensive jobs. Founded in 2018, Lucid has set out to provide a Safer, Faster, and Smarter alternative to traditional dull, dirty, and dangerous jobs for residential, commercial and facility properties nationally. To learn more, visit

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