ATLAS Will Introduce the World’s First Mountain Rescue Drone System, AvalanchePRO, at the 2023 INTERALPIN Exhibition

AvalanchePRO is a UAV first responder assistance system used by rescuers to find people missing under the snow in the aftermath of avalanches.

Market-leading manufacturers and innovative companies, including ATLAS, will attend the leading international exhibition for the alpine industry, INTERALPIN 2023, in the Austrian state of Tyrol to present the alpine industry’s best technological innovations.

Artus Security Systems, the distributor of ATLAS technology in Austria, will be presenting the AtlasPRO and AvalanchePRO, two top-tier unmanned aerial vehicle offerings, fully designed in the EU by ATLAS.

AtlasPRO is a tricopter created for work in harsh weather conditions using swarm capabilities/MESH functionality, multiple payloads, and a whole array of important functions for search and rescue missions.

Artus Security Systems says:

“The AvalanchePRO is a drone system developed for first responders on avalanche sites. The interesting fact is that the AtlasPRO drone can be equipped with avalanche transceivers with a few clicks and turned into the AvalanchePRO. Those products will be a great addition to the exhibition in Tyrol.”

AvalanchePRO has already been used by NPAID (Norwegian People’s Aid) in Norway, a country in which the winter tourism economy is of utmost importance.

Ivan Tolchinsky, CEO of ATLAS, adds:

“Their good experience can be a breakthrough in the world. With AvalanchePRO you will be able to locate those still fighting for life under the snow after an avalanche much more quickly than previously possible.”

INTERALPIN 2023 – taking place in Tyrol’s capital, Innsbruck, is the most important exhibition of alpine technologies in the world. Building upon INTERALPIN’s impact it has made year after year, this year exhibitors from more than 40 countries will present their solutions – from ropeways over snow production to other devices for alpine safety and security. 2023 will not be any exception in terms of the important developments shared at this year’s event. There is a wide array of industries and trades that will be present at INTERALPIN 2023.

The organizers of the INTERALPIN exhibition are expecting many world debuts and innovations this year, presented alongside the launch of many trendsetting products.

ATLAS invite you to look for AvalanchePRO at the International Alpine Technologies Trade Fair (INTERALPIN), which takes place from Wednesday, April 19 to Friday, April 21. ATLAS’ official distributor, Artus Security Systems, will be found at Hall A.0 Foyer – booth A 36.

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