A look at the most intuitive and cost-effective drone docking and charging station of its kind

When researching a drone docking station there are many points to take into consideration from an operator’s perspective:

  • Considering basic functionality, the docking station needs to provide a secure, safe place for a drone to land, charge and take off from.
  • The docking station should be able to be viably placed in a convenient location that will extend the drone’s range and flight time.
  • A docking station needs to portable and easy to move around.
  • The docking station should be able to protect the drone from natural elements such as severe weather, including wind, and water ingress.
  • From an economic perspective, cutting down on human intervention can be cost saving. Taking away the need to manually swap out batteries also adds to operational efficiencies.
  • Sometimes a docking station may need to be placed in a hazardous or remote location which may not be easily accessible to humans.
  • The docking station can prevent drone accidents and loss by providing a designated drone landing area.

ATLAS took the world of the future and made it a reality. The station works for you. AtlasPRO takes off from the platform, monitors the mission, and detects hazards. At the same time you or your team monitor remotely.

The innovative smart docking station AtlasNEST is the first ever fully autonomous drone docking solution. There is no need to think about flight time, just redefine it with a compact, weatherproof, and transportable AtlasNEST.

From Ivan Tolchinsky, CEO of ATLAS:

“ATLAS has developed the AtlasNEST platform for fully automated drone flights that do not require human intervention. The system was designed for use across various industries.”

The functionality of AtlasNEST means that the system can be indispensable for protecting military and key facilities, and for carrying out strategic missions.

AtlasNEST Is simple to incorporate into current security systems due to the convenience of the Atlas SDK

The AtlasNEST system is designed for use across various industries. For infrastructure inspections, emergency circumstances, and security missions, the docking station provides fully autonomous 24/7 readiness.

To learn more about the AtlasNest: https://www.atlasuas.com/products/atlasnest